Hello I'm Dan Vanevenhoven, N9LVS, I'm the ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinators for Wisconsin. In here you will find alot of Power Points, Links and reference material for Arrl Affiliated Club that may help you and your club. Enjoy :)

Philosophy of Amateur Radio

Amateur radio has expanded so much over the years and its been fun watching it grow. I know there are naysayers that say where in a dying hobby. My feeling is its changing not dying and like a great man once said

“ If you don't change you are sure to die.”

If you would have told me 15 years ago that with the use of amateur radio I could track my car on the internet, be able to network repeater systems via computers or even take a radio smaller than a pager and put it in my shirt pocket I would have told you that's crazy. Well....... today we have all of that and more. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Maybe we will be able to talk to a space station in earths orbit.... Oh yah, we can do that too. So is ham radio really dying? No, its evolving.